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Who Is Marc Walton of “Forex Mentor Pro”?

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Marc Walton is one of the mentors of “Forex Mentor Pro” program.

Who is he?

Is he really an expert?

The truth is, Marc already has over 3 decades experience in building and running offline as well as online businesses. Right now, Marc Walton is known as a successful professional, home based forex trader and mentor. He also coaches and mentors those wanting to create a business and create additional income sources.

How Did He Go Into Forex?

Marc Walton already started his first business when he was 21 years old. After selling his brick-and-mortar business when he was 40, he got into the Forex trading world.

He did it because he was semi retired and already moved from the U.K. with his wife and family to the Canary Islands, and he learned that having so much free time and living in an area with a beautiful climate would need more money. To earn a substantial income, he decided to turn to the internet as he didn’t want the hassle of running a traditional offline business.

In 2002, Marc started to trade forex full time from his new home. However, to be able to trade forex successfully, he struggled for 3 years of learning and practicing. He struggled and lost about $20.000 before he was able to make a breakthrough in 2005.

After 5 years of trading, he then started to teach others to do the same. Now, he has been trading forex for more than a decade. For Marc, being successful at forex trading requires patience, discipline and the ability to follow the rules.

What about Forex Mentor Pro? Is It Worth It?
Forex Mentor Pro is not something new, it was first launched in late 2009.

Why? It is because Marc was trading and already making a lot of money, but he got bored whilst waiting for trades to set up. Therefore, he then started a blog so he could share some of his tips and advice to teach others.

According to an interview by The Daily Forex, Marc Walton once bought a $3,300 Forex DVD course. He then realized that he could do far better without having to charge such amount of money, so he created Forex Mentor Pro. He found that helping other traders succeed and saving others from all the scammers and garbage products is a fun and rewarding activity.

Why Is Forex Mentor Pro Different?

What makes it different is that it contains high quality materials with great support but with a ridiculously low price. The Forex Mentor Pro has more than 40 educational mini videos on how to trade forex. However, the biggest advantage if you join as a member is that the Forex Mentor Pro team will show the day before what they expect to happen in the markets. They also show why and how they intend to trade it.

You can check out Forex Mentor Pro reviews here, and below is Marc Walton's training from Forex Mentor Pro:

Click To Join Forex Mentor Pro Now

As you probably know, Forex can be a very highly profitable business. However, you need to treat it as a real business not a hobby to be a successful trader. If you join Forex Mentor Pro and expect to get rich quick, I'm afraid that you will be disappointed.

The truth is, you will need time, effort and dedication. However, once you crack it, the rewards can be remarkable.

Resource:The Daily Forex