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One of the BEST Binary Options Trading Signals - Franco BOTS Review

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Before you read further, let me tell you that both and are owned by Franco. If you sign up for mybinaryoptionsignals, you'll be redirected to

Get Binary Options Trading Signals

Binary Options Trading Signals is one of the best trading signals service you can find online. With this program, you can start learning with over 5000 other members from Franco, a Master Trader with more than 15 years experience in trading the markets.

Binary options Franco and his team provides you consistent binary options trading strategies, so that you can take massive profits from the market every day by watching their informative charts which host many of their custom developed binary options indicators and tools.

Here are some binary options trading signals franco reviews from real members of

"Franco's system worked great, but you must have discipline..."

This member said that Franco's binary options trading signals worked great, but he decided to move on because sometimes he couldn't join the video room because he was at work (Monday to Friday mornings).

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"Franco's signals are one of the best in Clickbank..." (Clickbank is the payment processor)

This member posted on April 4, 2015 and he said that he had personally tried Binary Options Trading Signals from Franco, and informed that Franco seems to be a legitimate professional trader. He shares his screen of live trading via Skype, and gives valuable instructions and market news.

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"When it comes to results, Franco wins by a long shot."

Recommended Binary Options Trading Signals Service

For those of you who are still not sure about Franco's Binary Options Trading Signals, here's some info:

  • Binary Options Trading Signals (BOTS) is a system for binary options trading brokerage accounts.
  • This is not a software, but it is a membership site to watch a real professional trader, Franco, trade binary options each day.
  • Binary options Franco is a pro trader. He has more than 10-years experience, and you will get the best, direct information from him and his team.
  • Membership is $97 / two weeks. 
Trading Using The "Batman" Strategy

There are various trading strategies you can use if you join Binary Options Trading Signals, and they are:

1. Kiss (Keep It Super Simple) Strategy
2. Batman Strategy (Binary and Forex)
3. Dr. Natalia  Strategy
4. Tony D. Humphrey Strategy
5. LSR Strategy

And here is a video of questions and answers with Batman in the BOTS trading room below: Free Trial Every Monday Morning

Binary Options Trading Signals provide free trial trading session as a first step for you in joining their amazing family of profitable binary options traders.

You can check out these resources so everything will be a little easier for you!

Binary Options Franco PDF Quick Sheet


Full Strategies



The quality of the trial trading room screen of is of course not as good as their paid room. If you join the trial, you will also not be able to see all of the members talking during trading session in the room to avoid spammers.

Even though you don't need to pay a single dime to join the trial, it is not recommended to trade during this initial trial period without a demo account (unless you are already an experienced trader).

But you can take advantage of this trial session to see how the live trading room of with Franco works and how existing members are making prodits from this membership.

Get Binary Options Trading Signals